Katherine Beaven

Born July 6, 1963 in Berkeley, CA. USA

Education and Training:
1989 Diploma in Eurythmy, Berlin, Germany
2000 Diploma in Bothmer Gymnastics, Forest Row, UK
2006 Diploma in Eurythmy Therapy, Stroud, UK
2009 – 2011 Eurythmy Therapy for Teeth Anomalies
2014 BA in Eurythmy, through the Alanus University, Germany
2016 MA in Eurythmy Therapy, through the Alanus University, Germany

Employment in Eurythmy Therapy:
2006 – 2019 Eurythmy Therapist at the Raphael Hospital, UK
2006 – present in private practice, Forest Row, UK
2017 – present Eurythmy Therapist at Nutley Hall for special needs adults

In adult education:
2015 – 2016 Anthroposophical Psychotherapy course at Emerson College, UK
2017 Workshops with Dr Broder von Laue, Emerson College, UK
2017 Guest teacher on Anthroposophical Doctors Training, Emerson College, UK
2017 Guest teacher on Eurythmy Therapy Training, Stroud, UK
2017 – present Mental Health Seminar with Dr Dyson and Dr Evans, UK
2019 – present Guest teacher on the Anthroposophical Psychotherapy Training and the International Anthroposophical Doctors Training at Emerson College

Research and Dissertation:
2013 Poster presentation for Aquired Brain Injury Forum for London, ABIL
2014 Poster presented at Conference of the World Federation of Neurorehab., Cyprus
2014 Oral presentation athe the 4th International Scientific Congress on Anthroposophical Medicine, Leiden, Holland
2016 Dissertation on Eurythmy Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation
2017 Poster presentation at the World Congress Integrative Medicine & Health, Berlin

1990 – 1994 Performing with Ashdown Eurythmy and English Eurythmy Theatre, UK