Katherine Beaven

Born July 6, 1963 in Berkeley, CA. USA

Education and Training:
1989 Diploma in Eurythmy, Berlin, Germany
2000 Diploma in Bothmer Gymnastics, Forest Row, UK
2006 Diploma in Eurythmy Therapy, Stroud, UK
2009 – 2011 Eurythmy Therapy for Teeth Anomalies
2014 BA in Eurythmy, through the Alanus University, Germany
2016 MA in Eurythmy Therapy, through the Alanus University, Germany

Employment in Eurythmy Therapy:
2006 – 2019 Eurythmy Therapist at the Raphael Hospital, UK
2006 – present in private practice, Forest Row, UK
2017 – present Eurythmy Therapist at Nutley Hall for special needs adults
2022 – present Eurythmy Therapist with the Wellsbourne Community Therapy Project, Brighton UK

In adult education:
2015 – present Guest teacher on Anthroposophical Psychotherapy Training at Emerson College, UK
2017  teacher on workshops with Dr Broder von Laue, Emerson College, UK
2017 – present Guest teacher on Anthroposophical Doctors Training, Emerson College, UK
2017 Guest teacher on Eurythmy Therapy Training, Stroud, UK
2017 – 2020 teacher on the Mental Health Seminar with Dr Dyson and Dr Evans, UK
2019 -present co-carrier of the Eurythmy Therapy Training in the UK

Research and Dissertation:
2013 Poster presentation for Aquired Brain Injury Forum for London, ABIL
2014 Poster presented at Conference of the World Federation of Neurorehab. Cyprus
2014 Oral presentation a the the 4th International Scientific Congress on Anthroposophical Medicine, Leiden, Holland
2016 Masters degree dissertation on Eurythmy Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation
2017 Poster presentation at the World Congress Integrative Medicine & Health, Berlin

1990 – 1994 Performing with Ashdown Eurythmy and English Eurythmy Theatre, UK

Course leaders:

Shaina Stoehr [click for details]Eurythmy therapy
Katherine Beaven [click for details]Eurythmy therapy
Brenda Newton [click for details]Eurythmy therapy
Dr. James A. Dyson [click for details]Medical studies