Dr. James A. Dyson

James has worked as an anthroposophical physician for over 35 years, developing a special interest in the fields of mental health and child development. He was the co-founder, with Dr Michael Evans, of Park Attwood Clinic in 1979, an anthroposophical residential and outpatient facility, where he continued to practise until 2003. James has also worked as a school doctor for over 20 years in several Steiner-Waldorf Schools in the UK and as a medical advisor in the field of learning disabilities for the Camphill Village Trust and Garvald Centre (Edinburgh).

Since leaving Park Attwood Clinic, James has increased his commitments in adult education, where he has established wide experience as a teacher, lecturer and staff trainer, primarily in the field of anthroposophical health and social care. He is a faculty member of the Medical Section Mental Health Seminar (UK) and the British Post-graduate Anthroposophic Doctor’s Training, as well as being a regular visiting contributor to the Eurythmy Therapy, Rhythmical Massage and Biographical Counselling trainings.

James has a strong commitment to extending current paradigms in the field of anthroposophic psychology and has recently completed a Masters’ Degree programme in Psychosynthesis Psychology through the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London.

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