Brenda Newton

Born in Scotland January 1962

WORK HISTORY                                        

Kindergarten Teaching
1984 – 1991 Steiner schools in the UK and New Zealand

Eurythmy Therapy work Placements
Sept 2000-June 2013  

  • Three Roses Homes a residential home for special needs adults
  • St Albans residential, community for young people with mental health. 
  • Cotswold Chine a residential School for special needs young people with a range of learning, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. 
  • Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School.  

Eurythmy Therapy work
Oct 2002-July 2012 Helios Medical centre, NHS Dr Practice, Bristol
June 2004-2010 Three Roses, special needs home.                                  
Nov 2004-2008  Bristol Steiner School
Sept 2007- Dec 2012 The Hatch Camphill Community for special needs                             
Feb 2007 to present Elmfield School, Stourbridge West Midlands
Sept 2014 – 2020 William Blake House, special needs residential Home for young people
Jan – Nov 2021 The Sheiling Ringwood, residential community for special needs children and young people. I have been involved in doing eurythmy for colour light therapy alongside a colleague who does the music, speech and window blinds
Jan 2022 to present The Sheiling, Thornbury, residential and day school for special needs children and young people.

Eurythmy Therapy training in UK
August 2010 – 2017 Tutor in Eurythmy Therapy training, Stroud, Great Britain
March 2019 to present Co carrying Eurythmy Therapy training in UK

July 1986 Kindergarten Training, Wynstones Rudolf Steiner School,
July 1998 Eurythmy Training, Eurythmy School, West Midlands
Aug 2001 Eurythmy Therapy Training,
2004 – 2007 Mental Health Seminar. Orthodox and Anthroposophical approach.
Feb 2008 One-day course for teachers, Institute neuro-physiological psychology                               
Jan 2009, again 2017  Eurythmy Therapy for Eye Diseases, Switzerland
Aug 2009-2010 Eurythmy Therapy for Teeth Anomalies, West Sussex
Nov 2013 Post grad certificate (play therapy) therapeutic play, Leeds University with PTUK
Sept 2014-2019 Teach the Teacher Anthroposophic medicine, interdisciplinary course, Goetheanum
Feb 2015 Eurythmy BA degree, Alanus University
Nov 2016 Eurythmy Therapy MA, Alanus University
2017 – 2021 International Steiner Waldorf School Drs. & School Health Professionals Training, Medical section, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland 
2022 Level 1, 2 and 3 courses of Rhythmical Movement therapy (for retained reflexes)

Course leaders:

Shaina Stoehr [click for details]Eurythmy therapy
Katherine Beaven [click for details]Eurythmy therapy
Brenda Newton [click for details]Eurythmy therapy
Dr. James A. Dyson [click for details]Medical studies