Brenda Newton

Born: January 27, 1962 in Mid Calder, Scotland, Great Britain

Early Education: Edinburgh, Scotland
July 1986: Kindergarten Training, Wynstones Rudolf Steiner School,
July 1998: Eurythmy Training, Eurythmy School, West Midlands
August 2001: Eurythmy Therapy Training,
2004 – 2007: Mental Health Seminar. Orthodox and Anthroposophical approach.
February 2008: One-day course for teachers at the Institute for neuro-physiological Psychology.
January 2009: Eurythmy Therapy for Eye Diseases, Switzerland
August 2009-2010: Eurythmy Therapy for Teeth Anomalies, West Sussex
November 2013: Certificate training with PTUK – therapeutic play.
September 2014-2016: Teach the Teacher Anthroposophic medicine, interdisciplinary course, Goetheanum, Switzerland
February 2015: Received official BA degree for Eurythmy from Alanus University
November 2016: MA in eurythmy therapy from Alanus University

Ongoing 2017: Steiner Waldorf School Doctors & School Health Professionals training in the UK

September 2014 to present: Eurythmy therapist at William Blake House
August 2010 – 2017: Tutor in eurythmy therapy training, Stroud, Great Britain
Spring 2007 to present: Eurythmy therapist at Elmfield School.
Autumn 2007 – Dec 2012: Eurythmy Therapist, The Hatch Camphill Community for special needs
November 2004-2008: Eurythmy therapist, Bristol Steiner School
2003 –2004: Berith foundation, residential home for special needs live in support support worker.
June 2004-2010: Eurythmists/Eurythmy therapist at Three Roses, special needs home.
October 2002 – July 2012: Eurythmy therapist, Helios Medical centre, NHS Dr Practice, Bristol
September 2000 – June 2013: Eurythmy therapy work placements:
Three Roses Homes a residential home for special needs adults
St Albans residential, community for young people with mental health.
Cotswold Chine a residential School for special needs young people with a range of learning, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.
Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School.
1984 – 1991: Kindergarten teaching in Steiner schools in the UK and New Zealand