Application Process

It is possible to enroll in the course with the aim of attaining a Medical Section Diploma in Eurythmy Therapy without a Master’s Degree. In this case the application process is a different one. Information can be obtained by contacting us by email at:

Application Process for Entry into the English Master of Arts Eurythmy Therapy

eurythmy-therapy-training-applications-processThe first step is to submit a signed application form to us, along with the additional documents we require. If you need a BA you will also have to fill out a ‘Portfolio’ so that your prior learning can be recognised. You may submit your application form immediately and send other documents later if you need time to gather them. Please note that you will need to provide a certified copy of your eurythmy diploma and BA if you have one.

The application can be submitted by e-mail to:

The second step is to organise an interview/entry examination with one of the tutors of the course in Stroud, UK. Please contact us to arrange for this. There may also be an option to take the entry exams in your own country if you are living abroad.


Entry examination for those with a BA:

  1. Solo presentation
    This can be a tone or speech solo. However it need not be a stage performance piece, but can be a eurythmical movement sequence (for example, on the theme of rods, colours, geometry, planets, etc.)
  2. Practical Examination
    The prospective student chooses a eurythmical theme, (such as polarity, rhythm, colour, metamorphosis, form principles, specific elements of speech or tone eurythmy, etc.) and submits this in advance to the tutor. The tutor then poses 3 questions relating to this theme. The student chooses one of these to explore eurythmically within a timeframe of 1 1/2 hours. They then present their work and discuss it with the assessing tutors.
  3. Written Examination
    You will have 1½ hours to write on the theme of what you understand of the three-fold and four-fold human being. This may be prepared in advance.
  4. Group eurythmy session
    This is a session of about 1 hour, working eurythmically with at least one other person, taking up suggestions from the examining tutor. No advance preparation is needed.


Entry examination for those without a BA:

The prospective student submits a Portfolio outlining previous experience and training.
In addition to the above MA entry exam requirements the prospective student will:

  1. Write answers to questions about the movement sequence they have presented or their thoughts on the place of eurythmy in the modern context.
  2. Play or sing a piece of music.
  3. Recite a poem.

Students without a BA take the BA and MA entry examinations on the same day before the course begins. The BA course requirements are outlined in a separate paper and are fulfilled during the first 6 months of the MA program.


Application Documents & Further Information: