Dedication to Bruce Irvine

bruce-irvineWith great sadness we received the news that Bruce Irvine, Head of The Grubb School of Organisational Analysis, friend, colleague, mentor and teacher, leader at the edge has passed away, on the 11th of March 2015.

While the shock is huge, we are in touch with a deeply felt gratitude for his unique space in this world – how fearlessly loving he was, how brutally honest, how uncompromisingly curious and how tirelessly purposeful in all his roles, enabling others to make sense of their experience in order to make a difference in the world we co-create.

The best way we can express our gratitude, hope and love for Bruce is by continuing the work he was doing, asking the poignant questions he would be asking, seeing the abundant possibilities and living the cosmic interconnectedness he embodied.

This space is dedicated to Bruce, it is an invitation to share and read tributes and reflections from around the world.

Tributes from those who knew Bruce

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12-13th March 2015

“Crossfields Institute would like to express its deep regret and sadness at the passing of our dear colleague and friend, Bruce Irvine.
Bruce was a warm, intensely intelligent and witty colleague, and it has been our great pleasure to work with him in the last few years.
We send our deepest condolences and support to all staff and students of the Grubb School.
From the Trustees and Executive Group, on behalf of all colleagues at Crossfields Institute.”

Charlotte Von Bulow
Chief Executive of Crossfields Institute

“This is a big shock.
Only yesterday I saw something Bruce posted on FaceBook sometime ago and I thought of reaching out to say hi. I hope he did not suffer too much.

Though we have not spoken in a while I considered him a friend and loved his cooking and the times we spent together. Please extend our condolences to his family and keep us abreast of the preparations. Wishing Papa Bruce a safe, peaceful journey onward. He will be missed.”

Tanya Barnes-Eligon
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

“This is indeed sad beyond words.
May he rest in peace, and let perpetual light shine upon him.”

Barry Eligon
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

“I’m shocked and saddened by this and don’t know what else to say. I thought of Bruce up to two days ago, reminding myself to send him an update on some work I was doing. So very sad.”

Helen Carrington
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

“Be assured that the whole Cabrini world is praying for Bruce and saddened by the news. Just wanted you to know that I have been getting e-mails from our sisters from all over the world expressing their sorrow and shock at the loss of Bruce. He was held in high esteem by our sisters.”

Sr. Barbara Staley, MSC
Superior General Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

“I’ve just read the news about Bruce. I am not sure what else to say at the moment. He had a big impact on me and I will always be grateful for that. I can’t imagine the loss his family and the other members of the Grubb are feeling.”

Catherine Garner
Executive Director Mission & Strategy, Cabrini Health

“I was told the very sad news of Bruce’s death. I wanted to share my condolences and say what a pleasure it was to work with you both, and that Bruce will be greatly missed when we next get together with Cabrini colleagues. His ability to guide and influence and enthuse was exceptional. With best wishes,”

Dr Michael Walsh
Chief Executive, Cabrini Health

“To my Grubb family,

Thank you to everyone for providing all of those comforting words. There’s a big hole in my heart tonight. Know that I am with you all as we mourn our inestimable loss.


Kathleen Stroud

“Dear Friends,

I feel deeply shocked and saddened about it. Knowing and working with Bruce had made a profound impact in my life and I am very grateful for that, and his example and humanity will continue as a guide for everybody. I send my deepest condolences for Bruce’s family and for the Friends at the Grubb.

I am with you at these difficult moments.”

Jorge Mendoza

“This deep feeling of unexpected loss goes to my heart and brings forth a flood of memories.
Bruce was a man of much energy, great learnings and generosity and I am greatful to have met him.
In my thoughts I am with all of you.”

Liv Hok

“How sad to hear about Bruce’s death! What a great human being he was to our world!

My condolences to you, his family and all others who have been touched by him in one way or another. He was a great contributor to the members of the Religious Institutes constantly challenging them to be ‘connected to the source’ to be the persons they have been created to be. I am grateful that I had the privilege to know him and be benefitted by his work on Leadership.

May we continue to be inspired by his ‘presence'”

Michael Waas
Marist Brothers, Rome

“Dear All,
I am not able to express what I feel, only that it is unbelievable sad to hear what has happened last night.
I met Bruce 2009 in Leicester, he worked as a consultant in my small study group. I was deeply impressed about the way he worked, he really put me in touch with the „whole” or how ever you want to call it. I decided to „follow“ him to the Grubb institute to continue my learning..this and steps that followed changed the way who and how I am.
I am very grateful for having had the chance meeting him.”

Martin Lüdemann

“Dear colleagues,
What a shocking reality to read that
Bruce’s unending passion for learning and innovation has come to such an abrupt end. I need silence to feel and understand what this means for all of us. My thoughts are with his family.”

Joost Levy

“Dear John and all,
What shocking, almost unthinkable news to hear of Bruce’s ‘untimely’ death. May he rest in peace.
My abiding memory of him, was of my last weekend in the Grubb, where Bruce worked with us in such an amazing and seamless way. I can easily say it was truly a peak learning experience for me which has never been paralleled by any other. What a sense of loss.
To all of you, who knew him much deeper than I, the loss must be acute. My deepest sympathy to you, as well as to his family and friends.
With love and gratitude for having had the privilege of benefiting from his work.”

Frances Heery

“What desperately sad and shocking news. And, perhaps he unconsciously chose to further his exploration of cosmic connectedness on the other side – who knows what may emerge from this. His departure could be a new beginning …. It seems to me that many highly evolved souls are choosing to pass over at the moment and perhaps he is needed on the other side more than he is needed here.

He was such a dedicated, passionate and inspirational man who fired us all with incredible curiosity about the possibilities of life, the universe and everything. I completely concur with what you say about carrying on exploration of the questions he asked. My learning and experience with the Grubb is with me daily, so I shall indeed continue on the quest!

Thank you for letting us know so quickly. Please let us know about funeral arrangements. Warm regards, and love,”

Lorna McDowell

“So sorry, so shocked.
My thoughts are with Bruce’s family and friends, but also with my huge admiration for him. I am indebted to him as a teacher and leader.
All love”

Rosalind Scott

“Hi Rebekah, John and Marjoleine
I am sitting in shock and can’t believe what I am reading. I am hearing his voice and remembering profound moments of insight I have had through interactions with him and great belly laughs I have had with him. I can’t begin to sort through my reactions and shock and imagine it must be infinitely more terrible for you who have worked so closely with him. My love to you all and to him”

Jane Lowther

“I’m struggling to find the words to respond to this post. I can only imagine the great hole that his loss is going to cause to all those that knew him, especially a great many of you that are part of this community. Such a raw reminder of the fragility of life. And from what I saw of Bruce, what a wonderful, purposeful life he lived. Love and Light.

Monique. X”

Monique Hewitt

“Oh my…Bruce…I am thankful for his presence, his purpose and his joy. I can still remember the first time his insight physically shocked me…into movement!
Thank you Bruce.
x Cath”

Cath McKinney

“I cant believe this, it seems like a dream. I’m in shock. My heart aches for everyone.
Thank you Bruce for all you have given, it has been immense.
Robyn x”

Robyn Hartley

“Dear Rebekah, John and Marjoleine,

I am in total shock at receiving this news. I am so sorry to hear it. Unbelievable that we just saw him the other day for the OSE.

If it wasn’t for Bruce, I would not have come to this path and this program. Such intellect and honesty within one person. I am really going to miss him.

My deepest condolences to you all, and to everyone who has been touched by him.


Aarti Kapoor

“Dear Rebekah, John and Marjoleine
I am still sitting in a state of shock over the loss of Bruce. I had not known him for long however in those 2 years he has had a profound impact, for which I am forever grateful.
I am struggling to find any more words at the moment, my thoughts and wishes are with you all
Janet x”

Janet Gilbertson

“With tears flowing… Like most I imagine this to be a dream. Bruce you challenged me, infuriated me, made me stop and and really consider another way. I feel so sad and can only imagine the loss of family and dear friends. And the loss to the world. I am so truly grateful for the work you have done in the world. the roads you have paved. the paths you have made. thank you. thank you. my deep love and appreciation for you in this life. and my anticipation for meeting you in the next. please extend my/our deepest sympathy to his family xxxx”

Melissa Pryor

“Like others, I feel deeply shocked and saddened. I can’t believe this. Bruce taught me so much in this work and inspired me greatly. I was only recalling the other day the way he demonstrated use of metaphor in ORA in such a creative way. He embodied vision, charm and excitement for the possible. He will be so terribly missed. My condolences to all those close to him.
With much love,

Brigid Nossal

“I feel shocked and saddened at this news…and am sitting with the loss, knowing I’m not alone. With love,

Nuala Dent

“Shocked. Stunned.
My condolences to those who were close to Bruce.”

Richard Watkins

“Like all, I too feel shocked by Bruce’s sudden death.
As I sit with the news, that only this morning arrived in my inbox, I find myself recalling the experience of my most recent conversation with him, and the contribution which he made to me through that encounter. No doubt, many have similar memories.
I cannot help but think that he and his work lives on through the life of the School and the work that all of us carry forward in this world. His spirit will be ever-present in how each of us takes up our roles in this work. My hope is that he will be honoured and the world served well, by how we carry those roles.
Condolences to Bruce’s family and friends and those who knew him best.

Peter Jones

“This came up on facebook last night after I received the email of Bruce’s passing. It’s from David Whytes’ “Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words.” and reflects so much of what was going through my head and heart as I tried to digest the news. My thoughts are with Bruce’s family and friends and particularly those in this system who were close to him. Love to all

is what lies beneath our feet. It is the place where we already stand; a state of recognition, the place or the circumstances to which we belong whether we wish to or not. It is what holds and supports us, but also what we do not want to be true; it is what challenges us, physically or psychologically, irrespective of our hoped for needs. It is the living, underlying foundation that tells us what we are, where we are, what season we are in and what, no matter what we wish in the abstract, is about to happen in our body, in the world or in the conversation between the two.
To come to ground is to find a home in circumstances and in the very physical body we inhabit in the midst of those circumstances and above all to face the truth, no matter how difficult that truth may be; to come to ground is to begin the courageous conversation, to step into difficulty and by taking that first step, begin the movement through all difficulties, to find the support and foundation that has been beneath our feet all along: a place to step onto, a place on which to stand and a place from which to step.”

Angela Williams

“Dear Rebekah, John, Marjoleine and all here,
I’m so sorry to hear this deeply sad and shocking news. Without understanding the circumstances, it is tragic that Bruce should die so young and in the prime of living his meaningful work in this world. As was mentioned in our recent seminar, do people really leave us when they die? Bruce will live on in so many people for many years to come. Sending love and care during this tender time, particularly to those friends and family who were close to him.

Madeleine Lyons

“All my love and heartfelt compassion at this time of sadness. Wrapping Marjoleine, John and Rebekah up in a warm golden glow each and every moment.
Love to all.

Carly Burnham

“I feel dizzy as different parts of me spin in confusion and shock, unsure of where to settle again in relation to Bruce and his spirit in the world.
I currently have no curiosity at all as to what will emerge…just a certainty and faith. An unmistakable renewal of commitment to the work.
For now, I will continue to linger on the memories, to imagine conversations and ‘what would Bruce say’, and to allow the words, thoughts and tears tumble through.
I’m very grateful to the institution of the Grubb – what it continues to enable in me, this system, and in the world. I’m deeply grateful for the Directorate and their gentle and steady stewardship.”

Olivia Margo

“Hi all. I just wanted to express my shock and sadness at hearing the news. I only met Bruce a few times, but he was a really nice guy and he obviously had a lot to contribute. He was last here just 2 months ago at one of our recent meetings at Crossfields. I remember he asked me to help him with his email setup and handed me his laptop. I had no idea he was ill. Tragic…
Wishing you all the best,

Marcus Cross
Website Administrator, Crossfields Institute

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57 thoughts on “Dedication to Bruce Irvine”

  1. Nicola Wreford-Howard

    Dear Rebekah, John, Marjoleine and all ..

    This last weekend I spent in shock, sadness and tears .
    sending y’all love and,appreciation for the work you keep up.
    go well onwards Bruce, son of a preacher man.

  2. My thoughts are with Bruces family and all his colleagues .
    I have been pondering upon losing Bruce and am still in bewilderment in trying to make sense of it all.
    Bruce was an inspiration through the challenges he presented to oneself in the pursuit of learning and curiosity.
    I will miss you Bruce take care and see you on the next journey of experience

  3. Alison Richards

    I was just beginning to get to know Bruce as a colleague, and feel strongly the loss to us at Crossfields Institute. Bruce brought so much experience, connections and possibilities to our work together. Personally, I loved his humour in our meetings and social gatherings, but also the sense of someone who had travelled on a path that crossed mine in many ways. This prayer comes from the Celtic part of my journey; for Bruce as he makes the next stage of his journey and for us all as we journey on.
    May the blessing of the earth be on you,
    soft under your feet as you pass along the roads,
    soft under you as you lie out on it, tired at the end of day;
    and may it rest easy over you when, at last, you lie out under it.
    May it rest so lightly over you that your soul may be out from under it quickly; up and off and on its way to God.

  4. Jacqueline Sirota

    So sad to hear the news. Memories of Bruce fill my mind with gratitude for a great man. We sang ‘In questa reggia’ very loudly on a beach in Trinidad. It was a great moment. Thank you Bruce

  5. Jacqueline Sirota

    So sad to here this news. Memories of Bruce rush in and I’m so grateful to have known him. We sang ‘in questa reggia’ very loudly on a beach in Trinidad. Wonderful moment!

  6. Jinette de Gooijer

    I am so deeply saddened by the untimely loss of Bruce. He was an extraordinary energy in this world – warm, compassionate, bold, fiercely intelligent, ambitious, empathic, a colleague and a friend. The last time I saw him was in Kas in June last year – an unbelievable coincidence that we should be there at the same time for a holiday. I will not ever forget his generosity, openness and wicked sense of humour. I will miss him very much.

  7. Bernadette Anello, MSC

    Since getting the news that Bruce returned home to God less than a week ago, there hasn’t been a day without some comment, some memory, some words of gratitude for his presence and the many ways he shared his gifts. On this feast of St. Patrick, I am reminded of a quote attributed to this great patron of Ireland:
    “If I have
    accomplished or demonstrated
    any small thing
    according to God’s good pleasure,
    it must be most truly believed
    that it was
    ‘the gift of God.'”

    –From The Confession of
    Saint Patrick

    Thanks for sharing your gifts with so many of us, Bruce. You are missed.

  8. David Metherell

    Shocked and saddened to hear of the loss of such a formidable person. He will be deeply missed and I’m sure his legacy will be very apparent. Love to all those connected with Bruce.

  9. Sr. Pietrina Raccuglia

    The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of JHesus and theiir lay collaborators from the Stella Maris Province send their condolances and prayers to Bruce Irvine’s family. We will hold them in our prayers during this time of great sorrow. Bruce was loved and respedted for the work that he did for us to help move us into a future full of hope.

  10. SSr. Patricia Spillane, MSC

    I was superior general of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Rome and we were preparing for our chapter of 2014. I inquired from other congregations and from the Union of Major Superiors in Rome and their leader indicated to me that Bruce would be absolutely the best choice for our next General Chapter. We began to meet with him, plan for our pre-chapter assemblies. Bruce was a great help and inspiration to us for his wisdom, creativity, and good advice. He was truly like a brother to us. He helped to plan and monitor all the pre-chapter events throughout our Institute,, until we finally opened the General Chapter in Brazil in May of 2014. After the General Chapter, Bruce moderated several of the post-chapter assemblies in various provinces to which all of the sisters of the region came. They were so impressed with his wisdom, his patience and his generosity.
    When I received the news from Sr. Barabara Staley , who had been elected Superior General at the Brazilian Chapter, that Bruce had suddenly died–at the age of 53, I was shocked and saddened beyond belief. What a loss to the world and to the church. However, we are sure that from heaven he will continue to look down upon us and help us.
    Sincerely, Sr. Patricia Spillane, MSC, (former Superior General of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart f Jesus).

  11. I was shocked and am saddened by this loss. His family, friends and coworkers are in my heart and prayers. I am blessed to have met him at several of our meetings and assemblies. His wisdom, and humility was extraordinary. May he rest in peace. We missed him on earth but gained another saint in heaven.

  12. Condolences to family, colleagues, co-workers and friends. I only knew Bruce very briefly and was touched by his being. Sadly missed this side of the pale.

  13. Farewell dear mentor and friend. You welcomed me, encouraged me and often challenged me to reach higher, further! I have only learnt from you! Thanks for your trust when you did not know me, and your accompaniment in the unclear things that become visible only through belief, courage, and a deep conviction in the possible.

  14. Juntament amb el dolor hi ha la celebració d’una vida que al acabar-se es completa.
    Els que hem compartit part del camí amb en Bruce recordem el seu humor i la seva agudesa consultora.
    Acompanyem els seus col•legues, amics i familiars en la pena però també en l’esperança d’una obra que perdura en l’esperit dels que l’hem conegut.

    Alejandra Cariñanos Martínez de Estívariz – David Sierra i Lozano – Esmeralda Bellés i Garcia – Jaume Benavent i Guardia – Joan Roma i Vergés – Joan Salló i Martí – Penélope Mato i Vilar – Sandra Carrau i Pascual
    Institut Innova

  15. Friends and colleagues at The Tavistock Institute really are in shock at the sad news of Bruce’s passing. There has been a huge depth of feeling here and expression of how enormously he will be missed – as a co-enquirer in the unconscious life of organisations; as spiritual guide; as a fellow leader and pioneer in the work that we do and in many other inspiring and creative roles. Our condolences to his Grubb colleagues, friends and family.

    From us all at The Tavistock Institute

  16. Anne and Denzil Stickells

    Our sincerest condolences to all those who loved and knew Bruce. Our special thoughts and love to Lenette, George and Charlie.

  17. Bruce was a rare person, creative and intelligent, accessible, emotionally related, and deeply committed to his work. With his passing, many of us have lost an immensely valuable colleague. But our field as a whole has suffered a huge set back with the loss of one of the few people who clearly had the capacity to move us forward. We will have to learn to carry on without him.

  18. I can only think that Bruce had done enough, that the right people were now around, and that it was time for him to start work from the other side of the threshold. I found him so passionate about us taking up our own authority. During my time working with him he explored: Self Authorisation, Co-Creation and Curiosity – feeling, willing and thinking. He often talked about the “Spirit of Curiosity” – was it alive, was it dead? He seemed to me to be referencing the health of the spiritual being of the organisation… after all, the system must speak, can only speak, through individuals… We must act out of our own desire, yet know that everything we do will be a co-creation with everyone else… and as Bruce showed on so many occasions, curiosity can reveal possibilities, unlock crisis, release potential from the grip of the amazing paradoxical power vortex that lies at the heart of organisational life – I am only truly alive when I do it for me, and yet when I act, it will always be with the others…

    Feel how we gaze lovingly
    Into heights that now
    Call you to other work.
    May your power reach out
    From spirit-realms
    To the friends you left behind.

    Hear our souls’ request
    Sent to you in confidence:
    We need here, for our earthly work,
    Strong power from spirit lands –
    We thank our friends now dead for this.

    A hope that makes us happy,
    A loss that pains us deeply,
    Let us hope that you light our lives,
    Far-and-near, unlost,
    A soul-star in the spiritual firmament.

    R. Steiner

  19. What if … ?
    That’s a phrase I remember Bruce say whilst driving along the motorway to Brighton 10 years ago; it became an unfolding concept for a BME conference, and stayed with me over the years, like others of Bruce’s great sentences: opening new ways of thinking, new paths for connecting, new experiences of being fully human.
    Bruce, you were like an older brother to me, and since last week I am submerged with pain, and at the same time full of joy and gratitude for having met you.
    What if … you will stay connected to us in ways that we can’t possibly explain?

  20. Hello to all off the many many people that are feeling as sad and shocked as myself, regarding Bruce leaving us so untimley and when was in his prime, I first met Bruce at the Leicester conference in 1999, we where both members, Bruce has from then to now my best friend, he always maid me think , but the pray I had a strange feeling, Bruce always talking any teaching about the uncoincious communication, in 2 days he had me talking to so many different people and groups, I had the feeling that Bruce was telling me, wake up look at what you can do,

    All my love and condolences to Bruce’s family,

  21. I’m still struggling to process the impact of Bruce’s death, so unexpected and at a point when he had established a new base from which to take the work forward.

    Just before his death I was working with one of the people who participated in the Grubb Diploma, thinking about how you could build a ‘rainbow nation’ in a divided parish. I happened to find a Methodist hymn about the human family which spoke to that situation,. Over the days since Bruce’s death I’ve increasingly felt the hymn resonates with many of the themes that Bruce stood for, and stimulated in me – expressed in a particular Christian framework and have felt moved to share it.

    One human family God has made,
    and all for each to care.
    One world, to be the home of all,
    with all its wealth to share.
    One Christ, to manifest on earth
    love’s ultimate design.
    One Church to know the mystery
    of broken bread and wine.

    One race, one world – yet torn apart,
    we spurn the way of love.
    But still ahead, the Christ leads on
    and calls his Church to move
    from love of power to power of love,
    to give the world to all –
    to trust the love that conquered death,
    outside the city wall.

    And are we brave enough to join
    with that great company –
    the cost not less than all we have
    and are or hope to be –
    the bitter cup of human sin
    to drink with him who died,
    and take his love outside the wall
    to all the crucified?

    Claim him who claims us for his own,
    to share his pain and grief,
    to bear the scars that stamp us his –
    the hallmark of belief.
    As partners of the living Christ,
    who risk the path he trod,
    with wondering love we find we share
    the timeless joy of God.

    Rosemary Wakelin, In Singing the Faith, Methodist Church 2011

    My thoughts and prayers are with Bruce’s family and all of us who mourn the joy of engaging with Bruce about what matters in life


  22. Sr. Diane Olmstead, MSC

    I simply wish to add my condolences to his family, colleagues and friends at the untimely loss of Bruce. He was a man of deep faith and conviction and this simply poured out of him. I trust he is in deep conversation with Jesus! Without a doubt he left his footprint in this world and on many hearts. I am grateful that our paths crossed. As a Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart we all feel his loss as he walked with us through some significant times and was scheduled to be with us in other venues. We will miss his physical presence but no doubt he will be tugging at our consciences! Thank you to his family for sharing him with us all. Sincerely, Sr. Diane

  23. I will remember Bruce for his incredible generosity in sharing the gifts of the Grubb Institute – his deep desire to impact the world and to empower others through his creative energy. A great loss to the world. Bernie

  24. Cynthia M. Bugaret-Richardson


    I met you in the stream…………..
    The stream of humans – faces, gestures, voices, feelings
    Now you have journeyed
    To that other stream

    Perhaps you reside in the stream of my tears
    Or in the eternal oceans of the living waters of creation
    I imagine you there
    In this invisible stream
    From which we all arise and return

    In the waters of our grief
    Embryonic liquid of our
    Shared existence
    We live the eternal conversation

    You, Bruce – have not left us
    You have taken up your place
    In this larger pool of existence
    A fragile, trembling membrane
    Draws a tenuous boundary between us

    But in the stirring silence –stillness
    I feel you -I see you
    With different eyes

    You – merged
    As one within the waters of the oceanic womb
    The birthplace of All that is and all that will be

    Until we meet again………. Dear Bruce – Thank you.

    – Cynthia

  25. sending all good wishes to colleagues at The Grubb in this very sad time. I remember some challenging and stimulating work with Bruce, mostly in the Group Relations Forum at TIHR, and in his staff role on the Pride and Prejudice Conference, at Uni Westminster. kind regards Karen

  26. I am deeply saddened by this news — and was looking forward to seeing him next week. I am conscious that I owe Bruce a great deal: insights from him come to mind at surprising moments, and I keep finding new insights emerging from my experience of PPP.

    As luck has it I have just been thinking about my paper for ISPSO this summer, which need to begin by acknowledging its debt to a conversation with Bruce which opened up a new line of thinking for me. I am very saddened that this will be a posthumous acknowledgement.

    All I can do now is offer condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. We have lost a remarkable person and friend.

  27. I was struggling with words and overwhelming feelings, and I happened to look at a printed calendar sent by a world hunger fund, and each page started with a quotation from Mahatma Gandhi. I quote:

    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

    “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

    “If we are to make new progress, we must not repeat history but make new history. We must add to the inheritance left by our ancestors.”

    “Where there is love there is life.”

    These words say so much about the man and the leader Bruce was and how he lived his life. Thank you Bruce for.leading the way…Jean

  28. I am deeply saddened by the passing of Bruce. It is a profound loss of someone who inspired so much in others.

    He has left a remarkable legacy, that will continue to live on in all of us who had the good fortune to have known him.

    My sincere condolences to Bruce’s family, friends and colleagues.

  29. Received the news while traveling in Mexico the last few weeks with limited web access. It was an odd way to grieve, but it helped me identify a bit with so much of Bruce’s recent life “on the road.” For some reason a lot of old souls seem to be rotating off the planet these days. I suspect it has to do with helping the rest of us through some major transitions coming down the road. Bruce undoubtedly will be in the forefront of those offering support and guidance. I miss him a lot already, but anticipate recognizing his presence “in S/spirit.” Enjoy truly being in the NOW, dear Bruce.

  30. Thank you Bruce for helping me find my spirit. Yours will go on, together with all the memories of our work together.

  31. That sense of disbelief and sadness continues. Remember his words, moments and thoughts shared, his passion for purpose, an ability to connect and be honest for the purpose. Grateful to have to have learnt from and with him. The song “Buffalo Soldier” (Bob Marley) echoes somewhere.

  32. I was so lucky to have met Bruce at different conferences in different parts of the world.
    He always provided me learning; often this learning was painful, nevertheless his honesty and right in the bull-eye interpretations were some thing I will always remember.
    Thank you Bruce.

  33. I think of music when I think of Bruce, during the conference he led there was always music. Deep music, fun music, provocative music. I am sad to hear he has passed and I send prayers to his family and friends and loved ones. I will listen to something funky, fun, strange, and uplifting and think of his spirit and how it touched so many, and may continue to echo.

  34. Tim Dartington - UK

    Bruce used to say that the world is not broken and the system has the resources we need. It was this optimism about our potential that I will always remember and thank him for.

    Love Tim

  35. Bruce was a remarkable human being. Someone who by his very presence could help open up new and unthought of possibilities in people and their organizations. His essence seemed to be one of possibility. This was combined with deep and broad skills and perspectives. I will miss him as undoubtedly so many others will and I am thankful for having been able to know and to work with him.

    My deepest sympathy is extended to his family, close friends and colleagues during this time of mourning, grief and readjustment.

  36. Bruce, you helped my colleagues and me find what mattered to us and the place of love in our work. I never got to know you well – I thought there’d be time for that. Love and grief.

  37. Bruce, you helped my colleagues and me find the place of love in our work. I always looked forward to getting to know you better, thinking there’d be time for that later. Love and grief, Rebecca

  38. I am deeply saddened to hear of Bruce ‘ s death and struggling to accept it. The things he taught me are too long to list. I remember his response to a dilemma which was being shared amongst Grubb and Youngminds colleagues on York railway station. If he was a school governor what would he do about a child who brought a gun to school? He said he would apologise to the child for not having the resources to help him.

    I have never forgotten and will never forget Bruce ‘ s wisdom, courage, insight and passion for humanity. The world has lost a great man but his teaching lives on…

  39. My thoughts are with Bruce’s family, friends and colleagues on the sad occasion of His farewell. He lit up the minds, hearts and spirits of so many. He taught me so much and his work lives on in my work. His ‘spirit of enquiry’ remains an inspiration. He is missed. May he rest in peace.

  40. Very shocked and saddened to hear this terrible news just now. Bruce was such an influential figure in the world of organisational development and beyond. He will be sorely missed.

  41. “This is not a democracy”: Bruce.

    And yet our hearts are united in a shared grief at your passing. You are missed. Your patience and strength of character, your insight and understanding, your compassion and vision have been, and will continue to be transformative. Thank you for everything.

  42. Bas van Rooijen

    “Of all feelings in the World, guilt is the most futile and belongs to the past.”
    When you said this, you changed our lives.
    Thank you Bruce for giving us the courage to go and find our love!
    You are still part of us!
    Bas & Mary Jane

  43. I am both very shocked and very sorry to hear only now of Bruce’s death, I couldn’t believe it and also thought of him only recently when on linked in I enjoyed my time at the Grubb Inst and his wisdom and candor and my thoughts are with him now and his family who will really miss him

  44. I learned of Bruce’s passing today for the first time, and was sad to learn that he is no longer with us. I met Bruce by phone and then virtually when he invited me to become a member of the Grubb Guild. In that I’m based here in the US, we never had the opportunity to meet person-to-person, but we did have a chance to interact virtually during Grubb Guild meetings and events.

    Shortly after the last Grubb Guild event we planned to meet in the US for lunch in Washington DC, on his next scheduled trip. Unfortunately at the time that our meeting was scheduled, there was a big snow storm in the US up and down the east coast and subsequent to the storm, ongoing responsibilities and duties got in the way of our meeting in person around that time.

    Please extend my deepest condolences to Bruce’s family, and I will participate virtually in the Celebration held in his honor.

    Thank you,

    Carl Jennings

  45. I had the great fortune to be one of the many people Bruce helped. And it was with his customary generosity.
    Many have already commented on his ability to penetrate the fog of confusion.
    And is unique way of supporting and challenging his clients.
    But what I also remember was his marvellous sense of humour.
    Bruce seemed to me to be flowering in so many new ways.
    This was a death too soon.
    But his passion will live on in with the many people he inspired and loved.
    My deepest condolences to this loved ones.

  46. I am so sorry and shocked to hear that Bruce is no longer with us. He seemed to me to be someone who would always be there – with his deep empathy, insight, humour, courage and great compassion. What a shock and a pain I feel to know he is gone. I will be there on 22 June, at St Martins in the Fields, to celebrate his life.

  47. Pamela Franklin

    I met Bruce when I was given the opportunity to attending Being, Meaning and Engaging and it was indeed one of best courses that I have attended. Bruce was also instrumental in a Pastor from Kenya attending the course.

    What we do today are memories to share tomorrow. Thank you Bruce for such great memories.

    God Bless

  48. Rev Tom Ochuka

    Really Sorry, and truly surprised,two times ,he blessed my travels to the Grub conference twice in London and Bangkok, really surprising, am just asking what happened,did he become sick or something, He Taught me how to live on now and then situation, Being an African , i interacted with devise cultures in his learning, HE WAS SMART and Dedicated, i got connected to Bruce through longtime friend, Pamela Franklin and Josh pooley, in Kenya we say POLE SANA”

  49. Such sad news. I friend from University days, and although I haven’t seen him for many years he will be sorely missed.

  50. It was a shock to me too! He will be greatly missed! I am his financial adviser and the one thing Bruce didnt tell me is where he had moved to, so I lost touch for months. Would his next of kin please contact me as I have some information of some importance. Needless to say that I will require proof of ID

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