Tasks to be fulfilled to achieve a BA

Tasks to be fulfilled during the first 2 blocks to achieve a BA

  1. Presentation of tone and speech solo – shown to the tutors in the 1st block or on the weekend before the 2nd block begins.
  2. Presentation of two group pieces, one in tone and one in speech (with at least one other person) – This can be a Soul Calendar for example, and can be worked on with fellow students during the 1st block and presented on the weekend before the 2nd block begins.
  3. Presentation of speech formation – epic, lyric, dramatic (prepared in advance and presented during the 1st block)
  4. Music theory exam – given by a tutor during the 1st block (Can be repeated in the 2nd block if necessary.)
  5. Written research topic and oral presentation/demonstration (presented on the weekend before the 2nd block begins) –
    This consists of the exploration of a eurythmical theme or element, focussing on one’s own creative process and including a eurythmy demonstration. The presentation/demonstration will be 30 minutes and the written work of 30 pages. If you have a work that you have done in your 4th year of the eurythmy training this can be used.
    The written work should be submitted before the 2nd block begins.