Outline for Observation and Placement Requirements

Observation period: Between Blocks l and ll

During this time students are asked to observe one or more eurythmy therapists at work. The aim is to practise observation skills and develop a sense of a therapeutic process. The experience should include a conversation with the therapist and making one’s own notes. If possible the observation sessions would include visiting different settings and would add up to anywhere from one to three weeks.

The minimum requirement is 15 sessions of observation.

First Placement period: between Blocks ll and lll

The aim of this placement is for students to work with patients under the supervision of a eurythmy therapist from whom they receive regular guidance. The recommended time for this placement is seven weeks. Full-time is ideal, but part-time may also be acceptable. During this time the students will document their work and also share it with the rest of the group in the form of an oral presentation. The supervising therapist will also be asked to write a report.

The minimum requirement is to accompany 7 people in a therapy process or accompany 40 sessions over a minimum of 4 weeks.

Second Placement period: Between Blocks lll and V

This placement period would ideally consist of six months of independent work with patients under the supervision of a eurythmy therapist. It could take place in different settings, but it is recommended that the student spend at least three months in one place. Again, the ideal is full-time, but part-time may be acceptable after a conversation with the course tutors. At the end of this placement, the student will submit a written case study and present it orally to the tutors and the other students. A written report from the supervising therapist is also required.

The minimum requirement is to give 300 therapy sessions.

More detailed descriptions of the tasks will be available before each placement period.

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