Ursula Browning

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Ursula Browning

Born: March 19, 1952 in Basel, Switzerland

Education and Training:

Primary and secondary schools in Basel, Au pair work in Neuchatel, Switzerland and London, UK

1970 Certificate as auxiliary nurse in Basel, general hospital
1974 Diploma in general nursing in Basel, general hospital
1975-1976 Foundation Year at Emerson College, England
1982 Diploma in Eurythmy, Dornach Switzerland
1985 Diploma in Eurythmy Therapy, Stuttgart, Germany in conjunction with the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland
2002 Further and adult education teachers’ certificate (City and Guilds) stage one


In hospitals:
1970-1971 Auxiliary nursing in Basel general hospital
1974-1975 Nursing in Basel general hospital
1976-1978 Nursing at the Klinisch Therapeutisches Institut, Arlesheim ,Switzerland
1978-1985 Ongoing nursing work doing holiday cover in hospitals and care centres

In eurythmy and eurythmy therapy:
1982-1983 Eurythmy teaching for adults with special needs at the Sonnenhof, Nuremberg, Germany
1993-1994 Eurythmy therapy at Spring Valley Waldorf School, USA

Private practice:
1985 to present: Eurythmy therapist at St Luke’s Medical Centre, Stroud, UK
1986-1993 eurythmy therapist at Grange Camphill Village, Gloucestershire, UK
1998-2004 eurythmy therapist at Orchard Leigh Camphill Community, Gloucestershire, UK

In adult eurythmy education:
1985 to present at different times as eurythmy teacher in the following trainings
Art therapy, Kindergarten teacher, Science teacher, Massage training, Anthroposophic doctors postgraduate training, Waldorf teacher,
2003 to present: Tutor and co-director of the Eurythmy Therapy Training, Stroud, UK

Work abroad:

Therapy work with children and adults in Spring Valley NY, USA
Postgraduate work with Eurythmy Therapists in Moscow
Supervision and mentoring in the eurythmy therapy trainings in New Zealand, Israel and Cape Town (SA)


2010 to now: Class holder of the School of Spiritual Science, Goetheanum, Switzerland
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Ursula Browning