Venue and Accommodation

Stroud is a small market town in the Cotswolds, surrounded by five valleys. There are opportunities for walks in the countryside and also many local events, which take place regularly. There is also a Christian Community in the town.

The course takes place at the Old Town Hall, in a large room on the 2nd floor with high ceilings and plenty of light. There are toilet facilities and a small kitchen. Some small group work may also take place at nearby rooms.

The Old Town Hall was built as a market house in 1594 with large arches underneath that were used as market stalls. The area is called the ‘Shambles’, one of the oldest places in Stroud. The word Shambles referred to a meat market. On Friday and Saturday each week a lively market takes place here, with lots of organic produce.

Stroud is on a direct train line to London and the nearest airports are Bristol, Heathrow and Birmingham. Transportation details can be found on a separate page.

You will need to arrange for your own accommodation for the blocks in Stroud. There are many local hosts that are happy to have students stay with them and these places are generally within walking distance. Most places will allow students to cook their own meals. There is also the opportunity to share a simple meal at lunch if students would like to use the kitchen at the Old Town Hall.

If you need help finding accommodation please contact:

Evelyn Turner

Further Information